Taylor Stitch Task Jacket

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If you don’t already know Ron Finley, it’s time to get familiar with the Gangster Gardener. He successfully fought the City of Los Angeles back in 2010 to secure rights for people to grow vegetable gardens within the city limits, and has since become a huge advocate for “guerrilla gardening” as a way to reclaim personal and cultural power. 

But while he’s been fighting the good fight for food and community, Ron has also been designing and producing some of the coolest sustainable fashion you’ll ever see. In this collaboration with Taylor Stitch, the urban gardener has created a heavy duty yet gorgeous waxed canvas task jacket that’s perfect for digging in the dirt. And a portion of the proceeds will go to the Ron Finley Foundation too, a nonprofit that’s teaching people to grow healthy food in areas where it’s not readily available.

Price: $348

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