Taylor Stitch The Orr Sweater

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Imagine a perfectly worn-in sweater, minus the having to wear it in part. The Taylor Stitch Orr Sweater achieves this brilliant shortcut with its 100 percent organic cotton construction, especially garment dyed and washed into submission. The result is a cozy, springy, and buttery soft midlayer that feels like a literal warm hug.

Not only is the material environmentally sound, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulating, but the vintage-yet-current cable-knit design is super stylish. Instead of one pattern throughout, you’ve got a double rib at the neck line, an elegant pseudo-fishnet stitching in the front center, flanked by two beautiful 2D DNA-esque double helixes, all coming together like a rich tapestry. It’s your classic vintage sweater, with a slight modern twist that allows you to wear it with basically any outfit.

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