Taylor Stitch Whitney Parka

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There’s an old Norwegian adage that goes something like “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing”. And in our traveling experiences across wildly different climates and seasons, that advice really holds true.

So when the weather turns especially cold, windy, and wet, your best bet is wearing something that’s designed to combat all those conditions. Taylor Stitch’s Whitney Parka will do just that on each front.

For the cold, this parka is equipped with an 80/20 down fill at 650 fill power—in other words, more than enough to keep you warm even as the temperatures dip below freezing.

When it’s windy, the quilted construction of the jacket as well as its combination cotton and nylon shell will block out the worst of the cold.

And when it’s wet, the Whitney Parka’s water repellent exterior and drawcord-adjustable two-piece hood will keep you dry.

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