Ten Thousand Distance Shirt

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If ever you’ve set out on a run or a hike without the right T-shirt on, you tend to know it right away. After all, if you’re not equipped with one of the best training shirts, it’s pretty obvious from the get-go. Thankfully, Ten Thousand aims to change all of that, and it would seem they’ve perfected the tricky science to unlock behind the best training shirt.

It’s the aptly named Distance Shirt that belongs on your back before, during and after your next run. Made from polyester microfiber fabric and featuring an anti-odor treatment courtesy of the addition of silver ion material, it’s also micro-ventilated for the ultimate in breathability.

The fabric itself is Italian, something rarely found in performance T-shirts. And you needn’t worry about chafing, either — the seams are made to resist excess movement and hence, chafing. Available in four colors so you stand out in style during your next race or training the Distance Shirt takes care of exactly what it sets out to do: Go the distance, naturally.

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