Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt

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Want a shirt that’s built to last? 

The Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt gets you through anything and everything. It’s made with anti-chafing seams and a sweat-wicking, quick-drying polyester blend that makes it perfect for both casual and active wear. The permanent silver ion anti-odor treatment and enhanced breathability ensure you stay cool, fresh, and stink-free even when churning out those miles, snatching up barbells in the gym, or hiking on a hot summer day. 

Better yet, the Versatile Shirt’s 3M Easy Care fabric traps liquid and debris, protecting the shirt and preventing stains. 

And thanks to Ten Thousand’s vigorous, real-life inspired testing and design, this shirt can withstand over 100 pounds of pressure per square inch, and will not shrink after washing. 

Price: $54+

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