The 72 Hour Cabin

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If you’ve squeezed all the squish out of your stress ball or rubbed a hole in your worry rock, it might be time to get serious about your de-stressing technique. The Swedish solution? Stay in a glass cabin in the middle of a forest, on an island in lake Ånimmen, two hours north of Gothenburg in Western Sweden. Trees, lake views, uninterrupted nature all around you, the Swedes are betting that in just 72 hours, you’ll feel calmer than you have in half a lifetime.

They tested it on 5 people with high-pressure jobs and monitored their stress levels before, during and after their stays in the glass bedrooms. After 3 days of swimming, kayaking, fishing, sitting in a sauna, and just zenning out, all measured far lower in the stress department. You can too. The minimalist glass cabins are available for 72 hour-stretches for anyone who’s looking for a sure-fire way to decompress. Learn more at Visit Sweden.

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