The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking

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The idea of packing it all up and heading out on the road full time appeals. Strongly. But one topic concerning vanlife doesn’t get talked about as much as it should: What are you going to eat out there? By the time you digest your eighth gas station burrito and polish of your sixth WhoperMac you’re going to find yourself wanting something a little less mass-produced. 

When Markus Sämmer took to his VW camper van, he was fully prepared on the food front. A high-end chef in Germany, Sämmer travelled via van all across Europe and Australia trying out and perfecting recipes that can be handled by either a campfire and/or the simplest of outdoor kitchen equipment. The recipes in The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking range from inventive snacks to hearty meals to satisfying cocktails, all of which taste better when consumed under an open sky.

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