The Hangover Drink

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Ever since the creation of a good time, drinkers, bartenders, and bar attenders alike have been on a seemingly never-ending search for a cure or an effective way to prevent the dreaded hangover that comes from one too many cocktails. Unfortunately, all that seems to surface are ineffective ideas and silly products that don’t work and are not backed by any sort of real science.

This all changes with the new Hangover Drink created with active ingredients from Oriental Raisin trees proven to have antihepatotoxic properties to help detoxify our bodies after alcohol poisoning. The Hangover Drink also effectively breaks down hangover-causing acetaldehyde in the liver and limits Glutamate rebound in the brain. The combined reaction is a hangover-free, mentally clear morning.

If you want to stop losing the next day of your life after drinking to misery, we highly recommend checking out the Hangover Drink. Available June 2017.

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