The James Brand Wayland Pocket Knife

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The everyman may only exist in Tom Hanks movies, but the everyknife is real, and it’s probably the James Brand Wayland knife. It’s based on the classic Barlow folding blade, historically made for all Americans. It’s ubiquitous in the hands of young scouts at camp, strong hard-working men of the heartland, and Sirs on pheasant hunts in New England or Charleston.

The gorgeous teardrop handle comes in wood, micarta, or G10 scales. The traditional Barlow bolster and clip point blade are infused with modern minimalism, making for a handsome EDC piece. The Sheepsfoot blade features a machined nail nick and is made of S35VN stainless steel which is strong but safe. You can use this guy for whittling or just slicing up an orange for your after-work old fashioned. Finally, the standard non-locking slip joint design makes this tool accessible at a moment’s notice. 

The James brand reminds us that Presidents Washington and Lincoln always had their Barlows on their persons. Mark Twain name drops the Barlow in both Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer adventures. When a knife design is this effective, it’s no wonder it’s an American icon.

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