This Is Ground Venture Backpack

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Is there such a thing as a dress backpack? Thanks to This Is Ground and the Venture Backpack, the concept might finally exist. As the brand says, this backpack is “meticulously designed” to exacting standards in Los Angeles, fitting given that it blends a bit of West Coast cool (it is a backpack, after all) with clean looks and sharp functionality.

It’s a unique mix of utility and style, thanks to features like the tracking Tile that ensures you never lose it, plus Wi-fi that you can use on the go. That you get this type of functionality in a handsome, vegetable-tanned leather backpack is nearly unheard of as far as the market goes — you can pick it up to head to work just as easily as you can grab it for weekend excursions, hikes in your favorite park and lazy afternoons sipping on patio beers. Just be sure to pack as much gear as you can into it. – $799

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