Tile Sticker

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No more worrying about your phone — or any other small valuables, for that matter — going missing, anywhere on the planet. Seriously. OK, we can’t exactly guarantee that 100 percent, but we can definitely guarantee that the Tile Sticker is the handy, adaptable, easy-to-use tracking device that’s going to make your life a heck of a lot easier (and a heck of a lot more stress-free, too).

The Tile Sticker is a “small finder that sticks to virtually anything,” and that’s pretty critical for the modern man on the go. It’s waterproof and features a three-year built-in battery for ease of ongoing daily use and functionality in challenging circumstances (so, the circumstances in which you’re liable to lose your phone, for instance).

The Tile Sticker has a 150-foot Bluetooth finding range, and you can even use it to your phone’s ringer on from silent mode if you do happen to displace it. The design and functionality is ingenious, and the sleek adaptability of the Tile Sticker is certainly to be applauded.

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