Todder Weekender Wallet

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If the goal for your wallet is sleek, slim, minimal, this one will fit the bill — with style to spare. If your wallet aesthetic runs more along the lines of overstuffed and full of receipts, ticket stubs, and sub shop punch cards, might we suggest a reconsideration?

Instead of tweaking your back with a lump in your back pocket, the minimal wallet simply keeps the few things you need on the daily organized and at the ready. To that end, we’re always on the lookout for good minimal wallets. This one from Todder features warm, two toned leather and is handmade in Massachusetts using vegetable-tanned leather.

The three pockets on the Weekender Wallet give you just enough space for an ID, a credit card, and a folded c-note or two. There’s no danger of accumulating stuff you don’t need, because it isn’t going to fit anyway. – Shop Now

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