Touring Superleggera ARESE RH95

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When it comes to coachbuilding, Italian maestros combine finesse, precision, and performance to achieve a seductive experience. When you want intimacy as a driver, the road is the only way you know how to form a bond. That’s what makes the Touring Superleggera ARESE RH95 the ideal soulmate for you.

Of course, this isn’t just your average coachbuilder. This is Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera’s 95th anniversary. The ARESE RH95 celebrates 95 years of chasing the perfect driving experience lush with comfortable luxury within.

As for the Arese part of the name, there is an elegant street in Milan, Italy where you can connect that dot. Should you ever find yourself strolling along Via per Arese, you will find the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera’s headquarters among a gallery of fine Italian design and architecture. 

Hopefully you will hear the RH95’s scrumtrulescent exhaust note in the distance, leading you there with eager steps. The twin-turbo 3.9L V8 roars to life with a purr supported with the kind of gurgle only turbochargers can provide. Call it a purrgle if you must, this engine sounds nasty at idle, before you even hear it at full throttle.

That’s the kind of low rumble 711 horsepower with 567 pound-feet of torque provides. It’s all in there, firing on all eight cylinders, just waiting for you to get in and drive. It’s play time.

Touring Superleggera ARESE RH95

Get on it, the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera ARESE RH95 will beg for more. It sends all that power to the rear wheels giving you vintage Italian supercar handling with modern driving amenities. 

Ride that seven-speed dual-clutch automatic from 0 to 62 miles per hour in only 3 seconds, enjoying every snap, crackle, and pop you hear ripping from the pipes along the way. This is twin-turbo driving, it’s just pure pleasure. Nothing guilty about it.

Should you have enough road, that is, track ahead of you, the RH95 can reach 211 mph. Speeding tickets will not be your only problem at that speed. Drivers be warned.

Built on a similar chassis as the Ferrari 488 Pista, this is a mid-engine design. It seats two, if anyone dares to tag along with Speed Racer behind the wheel. From aerodynamic tuning to an advanced suspension system, recording personal bests on lap times should be no problem for an experienced driver in the ARESE RH95.

Inside and out, the Superleggera RH95 is a gorgeous machine. They will only be making 18 total ARESE supercars. If you want one, you better step on it before you fall behind in the race.

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