Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer

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When a senior manager at Toyota saw what someone had done with the back end of a Tacoma at the Overland Expo, inspiration struck. What if Toyota created a trailer, built from the bed of a Tacoma truck and outfitted with everything you could want or need for a long, winding overland trip through rough, uncharted lands? The idea was made tangible with this concept, the TRD-Sport Trailer. 

Probably the most impressive feature is the scissor-lift platform that holds up a four-person Yakima tent and acts as the mounting point for dual awnings. Down below, you get a range of amenities that give you everything from a basecamp kitchen to a bathroom. Fridge, hot water heater, sink, and stove round out the kitchen while a custom-built toilet and privacy shower give you more creature comforts than most basecamp setups out there. 

LED lights run off an Optima Yellowtop battery, powered by the included generator. The water situation is handled by a 16-gallon freshwater tank and 15-gallon holding tank. To sweeten the deal — just in case what amounts to an open-air rolling homestead wasn’t enough — Toyota worked with Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s to include outdoor equipment like fishing poles and nets, camping cookware, and so on.  

The whole shebang rides on General Grabber X3 all-terrain tires and features the low center of gravity and excellent approach angle of the two-wheeled Tacoma bed. It’s designed to be easily towed by a Toyota pickup or SUV and, should Toyota decide to produce the concept, it’ll make for one deluxe trailer. One that’ll get you out to remote locales with an impressive level of self-reliance. 

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