TrailNest Roof Top Hammock

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Your list of excuses not to camp are getting shorter. Want to go where there’s no level ground? Trade your tent for a hammock. Want to drive out where there’s no level ground AND no trees? Get a rooftop tent. Like the idea of rooftop camping but don’t want to be confined to a tent? Here’s the answer for that.

This roof top hammock stand lets you take your favorite hammock and mount it right on the roof of your car. Safe from coyotes, free to see the stars, and your campsite is wherever you stop the car. The addition of a platform to stand on while you get in your hammock and a ladder for climbing up up the side of your car come with the complete system. Basically this means, if you can drive there, you can camp there. So now what’s your excuse? Learn more at TrailNest.

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