Transparent Sound Steel Speaker

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First thing’s first: this Transparent speaker is no longer transparent. Transparent Sound, a Swedish audio brand, first came to recognition with the original Transparent Speaker made of aluminum and tempered glass — the word “transparent” working on two levels: a speaker you could more or less see through, and a quality of sound that stays true to the recording, with no speaker-produced intrusion. 

The company’s Upcrafted line is a collection of three Transparent Speakers, each made from a unique material: wood, stoneware, or steel. Each is a limited edition speaker hand-crafted by artisans (two of them from Sweden, one in France). The Transparent Steel Speaker is a true beast. Weighing in at 44 pounds, it’s made from repurposed steel forged by blacksmith Jonas Majors. The rough, aged steel finish and minimalist design will grab attention even when it’s off. It’s limited to ten numbered pieces so if you want a Transparent Steel Speaker for your (very sturdy) shelf, get moving.

Transparent Sound Steel Speaker

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