Trova GoPlus Biometric Personal Vault

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In all the travel brochures and high class jet setting magazines you’ll find, one reality of travel is often left out: As a visitor to any place, you can also be a target for petty theft. Rather than let this be a “rule of the road,” may we suggest Trova’s GoPlus Biometric Personal Vault instead?

The basics of the Personal Vault are this: It’s made from an aluminum alloy that’s tougher than steel (but still lightweight enough to carry comfortably), and it connects to your phone’s biometric ID via Bluetooth. That turns your phone into a key for this lockbox, linked to your face or fingerprint to make it extra safe.

Once that all settles in, you may realize that this storage lockbox is great for more than just keeping your backup cash and jewelry while you’re traveling—it also makes a nearly impenetrable stash box for your daily urban life.

Price: $249

Trova GoPlus Biometric Personal Vault

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