Truck Surf Hotel

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The Truck Surf Hotel is hard to pin down. It is both a luxury hotel on wheels and a traveling hostel; both a Mercedes Actros and an expandable box van. It answers questions you may never have thought to ask but will now never be able to ignore, such as: what if I want to travel by camper van but can’t afford to buy one? What if I cannot get my camper van to the continent I want to explore? What if I need a way to meet new people who share my love of surfing and tricked out hydraulics?

The facts: The Truck Surf Hotel is a truck equipped with a hydraulic system that transforms the vehicle into a double decker hotel on wheels. Owners and trip guide/surf coach Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro transport guests to uncrowded beaches and natural parks each day, and the parked hotel provides the amenity-rich overnight accommodations.

The Truck Surf Hotel books for individuals, couples, and groups in Portugal and Morocco, offering three packages: Surf Experience, Guided Surf, and Adventure Experience. One private room with a double bed is available in addition to four shared bunk rooms. Accommodations also include a shared kitchen, living space, and bathroom for use by all guests with prices starting at approximately $760 a week.  For those looking for a different kind of surfing experience during the high season in Portugal, this traveling hotel concept is as unique as it gets.

Truck Surf Hotel

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