Truck Surf Hotel

Truck Surf Hotel

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The Truck Surf Hotel is hard to pin down. It is both a luxury hotel on wheels and a traveling hostel; both a Mercedes Actros and an expandable box van. It answers questions you may never have thought to ask but will now never be able to ignore, such as: what if I want to travel by camper van but can’t afford to buy one? What if I cannot get my camper van to the continent I want to explore? What if I need a way to meet new people who share my love of surfing and tricked out hydraulics?

The facts: The Truck Surf Hotel is a truck equipped with a hydraulic system that transforms the vehicle into a two-floor hotel. Owners and trip guide/surf coach Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro transport guests to uncrowded beaches and natural parks each day, and the parked hotel provides the overnight accommodations. Guests of the hotel do not travel in the hotel but, instead, in a van which the hotel follows: this is the most disappointing aspect of the otherwise ingenious concept.

The Truck Surf Hotel books for individuals, couples, and groups in Portugal and Morocco, offering three packages: Surf Experience, Guided Surf, and Adventure Experience. One private room with a double bed is available in addition to four shared bunk rooms. Accommodations also include a shared kitchen, living space, and bathroom for use by all guests with prices ranging from $709 per person for a one week stay in a shared room in Morocco up to a more-than-reasonable $6450 per group for an adventure package during the high season in Portugal. Learn more at Truck Surf Hotel.


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