Tubmarine Wood-Fired Hot Tub

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Any given bro with a backyard can have a hot tub. But a steel and timber design marvel with a wood-fired heater? That’s something special. UK company Tubmarine makes one thing and they make it well. Their Tubmarine hot tubs don’t need electricity, so you can set one up where standard hot tubs just can’t go. Got a quiet spot out under the trees and stars? As long as your garden hose will reach, you’ve got a spot for your soaking sanctuary.

Tubmarine spas are made from Marine-grade stainless steel tubs, surrounded by a sustainable and water-tolerant modified hardwood developed in Norway called Kebony. The water is heated by a Kirami wood-fired heater made in Finland and it takes about two hours to fully heat the tub. A wood storage area next to the heater keeps everything looking sharp, while the dual steel benches inside the tub allow four adult hot tubbers to enjoy the heat. The going price is around $20,000 but we have to imagine watching a thin plume of woodsmoke drifting away as you lounge in your sleek new tub is pretty near priceless.

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Black Friday Sales