Twelve South Curve Flex Macbook Stand

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Quick check: How’s your posture right now? Yeah, that’s kind of what we thought.

The thing is, if you had Twelve South’s Curve Flex Macbook Stand, we can almost guarantee that your posture would be better, you’d be more comfortable, and you’d end the day with less stress and strain.

Why? Because it’s one of the only Macbook stands that combines adjustable elevation—up to 22 inches, tall enough to stand at your desk for video conferences—with adjustable keyboard tilt. Taken together, those adjustments let you fine tune your standing, sitting, and typing position to perfectly match your body mechanics.

And the best part? It’s not bulky like other laptop risers. In fact, it’s so compact that you can fold it down and stow it away in your messenger bag on your way to the cafe or the office.

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