Two-Bit Betty

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As Montana-based shop Zombie Tools puts it, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, or a zombie. Their new axe, Two-Bit Betty, isn’t one of them. Unless by skinning you mean brutally chopping away until there is nothing left but the boney remnants of a brain-eating walker. But, we digress.

Two-Bit Betty is a full tang swinging axe — made from 6150 steel — and draws her inspiration from the classic double-bit tree-felling axes of yesteryear. Two-Bit Betty will surely fell any tree you swing her at, but where she really shines is in the home defense arena — or zombie defense if you will. She’s 23 inches long, and weighs just over 31 pounds — heavy enough to feel sorry for whatever lies ahead of it mid-swing. – $350

Two-Bit Betty

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