Two Years On A Bike

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Two Years on a Bike is exactly what it sounds like—the chronicles of a human being who gave up a roof over his head for the sky above and two wheels below. The Dutch photographer started up in Canada and rode south until he ran out of land on the southern tip of Argentina. If you’re looking for lessons on living with less, Martijn Doolaard will tell you how to pack everything you need into a few bags. 

The book is partly a how-to guide with advice on choosing a bike, what to pack and how to pack it, and the best bikepacking routes meandering from North America to South. It’s also part travelogue, with majestic photography of the places he went and the things he saw. If you’re impressionable and this close to packing it all in and running away, this book may just be the nudge that’ll get you gone. You’ve been warned.  

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