UAZ SGR Expedition Van

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For those of you who need to get your cargo van to places that would make a minivan cry, Moscow has your answer. Built by UAZ, a Russian company that’s been making four-wheel drive cars and cross-country utility vehicles for 75 years, the SGR Expedition Van is based on their utility van UAZ Combi — with a full battery of rough and tough upgrades.

All terrain, BFGoodrich tires with black steel rims will grip any off road surface, while the tubular skid plate protects the undercarriage from kicked up rocks and obstacles. Should the SGR Expedition come across a less burly van stuck in Siberian mud and snow, the front bumper comes standard with a power winch (and a reinforced towbar on the rear bumper).

Up top, a giant rack with high rails spans nearly the whole expanse of the van for maximum cargo hauling (plus a ladder to access it). Inside, you can transport five members of your crew (or more cargo) in the super utilitarian interior. Water-repellant seats, zero carpeting, and clear access beneath the seats leave you free to power wash whatever muck gets hauled in there.

The SGR Expedition Van comes standard with a four-cylinder engine paired to a manual five-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive (four-by-four operation on-demand) and puts out a max horsepower of 112 at 4250 rpm. The going price starts at 974,900 Russian rubles, which currently works out just over $15K. Although, just because the van itself has the power to deliver more things to far out places, getting the van to deliver itself to the US might be a bit more difficult.

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