Uinta 801 Small Batch Pilsner

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Visit any craft brewery worth its weight in hops, and you’re bound to come across (most likely) a bevvy of the latest and greatest craft beer styles, including an IPA or five, perhaps a rich stout, maybe a pale ale. But until recently it would seem, a flavorful pilsner was a bit harder to find — if you know where to look, it’s been hiding in plain sight though, and that’s why we’re so excited about the Uinta 801 Small Batch Pilsner.

To be sure, it’s only available in Utah, but if you find yourself passing through, we can’t recommend enough that you track down a pint. While Eastern Europe has always stood strong by the pilsner style, we’re always excited when we come across one made the right way on American soil, and the 801 Small Batch Pilsner seems to fit the mold quite nicely.

At five percent ABV, it’s a drinkable pilsner made with Sterling and German Saphir hops for refreshing, authentic flavor — and what better beer to welcome the impending start of spring than a bright and crisp pilsner? We can think of nothing finer. The pilsner is back … but maybe, it never left.

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