Uinta West Coast Style IPA

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If you were deciding where to open your brewery back in the 90s, Utah might not be the first state you’d pick. Though the laws are slowly evolving, the state has historically maintained some of the more restrictive alcohol laws in the country — only 3 percent beers in grocery stores, physical glass partitions between bartenders and bar patrons, and so on. But that didn’t stop Uinta’s founder from converting a car garage into a brewery. Since then the brewery named for a northern mountain range in Utah (say you-in-tuh) is now one of Brewer’s Association’s top 20 breweries in the US and Uinta brews can be found from coast to coast. 

Uinta’s West Coast Style IPA follows West Coast IPA tradition, creating a beer that’s big on hops, focusing on the bright, piney, citrusy notes imparted by the flowers of humulus lupulus. Using four different varieties, Uinta’s West Coast Style IPA brings flavors of mango and pineapple to the party too. It’s got a 6.3 percent ABV and rates just under 70 on the IBU scale. And while you can get this IPA on either coast and most places in between, don’t go asking for a sixer of it anywhere but a state-owned liquor store in its home state.

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Black Friday Sales