Upslope Brewing Lee Hill Series

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What’s not to love about the Colorado-based craft beer purveyors at Upslope Brewing? This outfit makes excellent beer — check. They also work with a bevy of Certified B Corporations to make sure their beer gives back in more ways than just phenomenal taste — that’s something else worthy of a toast. And that’s really just the start of the list.

When you step back and consider that the brewery takes special care to innovate and drum up new, seriously rare styles, that’s all the better. Take the Lee Hill Series, a quarterly special edition set of beers (one per quarter) that packs a serious punch. We had the chance to try out the Sazerac Style Rye Ale from 2018’s Volume 17, aged in both rye whiskey and absinthe barrels — that’s right, absinthe barrels.

That’s not all: Past editions include bold takes on your traditional beer. Volume 11, for instance, was a Tequila Barrel-Aged Barleywine. Talk about beer that makes you sit up and take notice. Other past installments include a barrel-aged doppelbock and a wild Christmas ale — not your regular light beer, that’s for sure. Again, we’ll toast to that. – Learn More

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