Upslope Pumpkin Ale

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Is there anything more rewarding at the end of the day than a cold, flavorful beer — preferably one that fits right in with the climes of the season? That’s where Colorado-based Upslope comes into play, and more specifically, the brand’s toast-worthy Pumpkin Ale.

It’s a unique take on the pumpkin ale from the very start, featuring organic baby bear pumpkins, plus six custom spices. It’s that level of detail that we appreciate, along with a pleasant roasted pumpkin aroma. The brand says you should consider pairing it with grilled ham, roasted vegetables and apple crisp — that sounds like an absolutely perfect fall or winter dinner to us.

It’s fitting, then, that the brewery employs a sort of “Apres Everything” model — work hard, play hard and drink great beer after (like this pumpkin ale). Even more worthy of a toast? The brewery is a Certified B Corporation, embodying sustainability right down to the last drop (seriously). – Learn More