Vinyl Me, Please

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After “Empty Spaces” comes “Young Lust.” The last notes of “Idioteque” morph into the opening sounds of “Morning Bells.” And whenever “River Euphrates” fades out, “Where Is My Mind” starts up. Or at least that’s how things should be. But thanks to our single-serve, shuffle happy, à la carte music consumption, album sequence has long been abandoned. Except.

Except here’s a group of music lovers that’s putting physical, full-sized, de-digitized music back in people’s hands and back on their turntables. Vinyl Me, Please is a record club offering three-month and year-long subscriptions that deliver one essential, hand picked, and by their own admission, very stellar album to your door each month. The albums are pressed exclusively for VMP and include special edition features like custom lyric books or artwork, notes from the artists, and other can’t-get-it-elsewhere tangibles.

Features like SWAPs let you switch out a coming month’s pick for something from the archive, and all members get access to the record store with exclusive pressings and other titles at member prices with free shipping.
As music gets more one hit wonder, those who still appreciate the album as an art form have a place to go, and a club to join that’ll serve them up a curated LP each month. Plus that name. It’s just so polite. Learn more at Vinyl Me, Please.

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