Volkswagen California Camper Van

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Camper vans have two distinct yet, potentially, wildly different demographics: people who want to live in a van, and people who want to sometimes live in a van. These are people with income levels ranging from “I live in a van down by the river,” all the way up to “I have the disposable income to purchase a vehicle that I will use only sporadically.” The Volkswagen California Camper Van hit the sweet spot with models that appeal to buyers on both sides of the spectrum, and everyone else in between.

Both California models sleep four comfortably, with elevating roofs that also free up space in the passenger compartment. A camping table is stowed in the sliding door lining, while two camping chairs pack into the tailgate lining. From there, the models diverge. The Ocean adds a kitchen, equipped with a stovetop, sink, and a cool/warm box for food. A movable table can be used for dining or as a workstation without blocking access to the storage cupboard. There’s also a built-in wardrobe and ceiling storage box which are both easily accessed from the cabin. Learn more at Volkswagen.

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