VSSL Compact Adventure Kit

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The right adventures — or perhaps more importantly, the best adventures — start before you’ve even left your cabin or camp. Half the fun in hitting the trail or going off-the-grid is preparing for it, or at least that’s the sentiment of the guys we know who meticulously research and prep their gear — and we count ourselves among that group. That’s why we’re mighty impressed with VSSL Gear and handy gear sets like the VSSL Compact Adventure Kit.

Despite its purposefully compact size and subtle design, the Compact Adventure Kit holds more than 70 — yes, 70 — crucial supplies in just-right sizes. The kit is durable and waterproof, made from tough-as-can-be military-grade aluminum.

It’s rugged and ready for anything, given that it’s packed with everything from trail-marking tape to multi-purpose tape to water filtration tablets. In fact, we’d say nearly anything you could possibly need in an adventure (or an emergency) is somehow stocked within the VSSL Compact Adventure Kit.

VSSL Compact Adventure Kit

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