VSSL Essentials Ready Kit

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We’ve been in love with VSSL’s unique and innovative line of camping and outdoor gear since the release of their original Camp Supplies Kit. Why? It’s simple: They’ve done an amazing job of packing lesser-known camping essentials into the most efficient and protected space possible—a waterproof metal tube—and then went one step further to make all their kits interchangeable so you can fine-tune your kit for your next adventure.

The new Essentials Ready Kit takes all of those great qualities and stuffs them into an even smaller package. The handheld kit measures just 2″ x 3-13/16″ long, and includes a compass, wire saw, razor blade, 25 feet of rope, and 8 feet of SurvivorCord (a juiced-up paracord that can be unwound to reveal fishing line and waterproof fire tinder). That’s a lot of emergency gear in one tiny package—and we know we’ll be tossing one in our bug out bug right away.

Price: $80

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