Vuori Zephyr Tee

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Vuori is known for designing performance wear with a Coastal California cool vibe to it. Appropriately, their Zephyr Tee is built for staving off unwanted heat, whether it’s coming from overzealous sun rays, or you’re producing it yourself via strenuous activity—taking your shirt off isn’t always a possibility, right? This tee is made of a stretchy performance mesh in a light material that’s actually subtly perforated. We’re talking champion-level breeziness here, for hard workouts, hot days out, or if your local pub’s AC breaks down.

And as many wearers have discovered, the Zephyr Tee is stylish enough to wear while gallivanting. They come in soft, muted colors in faint blends. These heathered variations include cool shades like a dark blue indigo, a bright and flattering turmeric tone, and simple gray and black. 

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