Wazoo Adventure Survival Kit

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You know a survival kit is legit when it packs zip ties and duct tape. Some survival kits out there seem more focused on maximizing the number of items, packing a bunch of bandaids and aspirin tablets to inflate the item count to a number that’ll look impressive on the package. 

With just 23 items, the Adventure Survival Kit from Wazoo will actually come in handy. It covers three big areas of concern in the event you find yourself lost or simply lacking supplies: gathering and purifying water, signaling for help, and starting a fire. Fishing hooks and line are also included, in the event that you’re out for longer than expected. 

It also has a bunch of stuff you can use to repair the equipment you already have, like the aforementioned duct tape and zip ties, plus rope, wire, aluminum foil, and rubber bands.

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