We Are Rewind Cassette Player

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The makers of the We Are Rewind cassette player would like to thank Stranger Things and Guardians of the Galaxy for the inspiration. And we’d like to thank the makers of We Are Rewind cassette player for giving our Joshua Tree and Paul’s Boutique tapes a place to live on forever. With a sleek aluminum exterior, bluetooth capability, and a rechargeable battery, it’s a modern upgrade on the original personal audio devices, the Walkman and its kindred. 

In addition to bluetooth connectivity, there are two 3.5mm jacks which allow not only for output to your stereo or headphones but also for input so you can make a tangible, giftable mix tape instead of just a ho-hum playlist. (And yes, blank tapes are still a thing.) There’s even a built-in mic so you can record your own awkward impression of a DJ to kick things off. For those of us who remember the satisfying clunk of pressing play on Side A of a new tape — and even for those who were born post-CD — this is nostalgia done right. 

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