WESN x Craighill Microblade

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When two brands showcase a truly stellar level of attention to detail and quality on their own, it’s incredibly refreshing and intriguing to see what they can do together, with the collective might of craftsmanship at the forefront. That’s what WESN and Craighill’s newest collaboration launch makes top priority, and it’s all the better if you’re always on the hunt for well-made everyday carry essentials (like we are). In this case, the results are to be admired and used on the daily — call it the perfect merger of Craighill’s NYC design sensibilities and WESN’s hard-working Detroit roots. 

The WESN x Craighill Microblade lives up to the promise put forth by both companies, one that focuses on uncompromising goods and long-lasting durability. To get down to the nitty gritty, the WESN x Craighill Microblade uses an upgraded stainless steel blade to go along with a brass handle and a helpful key ring hole. Consider it a properly sized, all-in-one microblade that’s sure to come in handy at home, in the workshop, and on the trail for years to come. 

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