Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pants

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When a pair of pants is rooted in tactical, tough, and rugged function dating back to a patent from the 1870s, you can be sure they can handle just about anything you can throw at ’em. That might be doubly true for the Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pants, an update to the brand’s classic 5-pocket pant that somehow manages to feel tough and yet stylish.

Cut from a unique nylon canvas blend, they’ll shed water when wet, and they’ve even got a UPF rating of 50-plus. When was the last time you could say that about a pair of your pants? Didn’t think so.

With extreme durability and an agreeable price in terms of the pre-order process (just a shade over $100), they’ve got plenty of tremendous, adventure-ready design features built right in. There’s perhaps not a pair of pants like it on the market, and that should make them worthy of your purchase alone. – $109

Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pants Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pants


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