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Black Friday Sales

One particularly caffeine-dependent Gear Moose wordsmith would like to take this moment to offer a public service announcement: there is no room for lighthearted joking when one has a genuine need for their morning coffee. Morning coffee is serious business, and it deserves serious beans. The folks at Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee, it seems, understand this better than most.

Roasted in Colorado, Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is a bold, dark roast bean with a boozy whiskey kick. To achieve this strong flavor profile, the beans age in white oak barrels which have absorbed up to 20% of the bourbon they previously held. These dark roast beans are then mixed with Whiskey Barrel Coffee’s classic line to produce Angel’s Share blend, a delicious, eye-opening brew imbued with a smooth whiskey touch suitable for every day.

The bourbon aroma may cause nosy co-workers to sniff and side-eye, but not to worry: the alcohol burns off during roasting. For those mornings when you want a little more kick in your cup to perk you up, and maybe keep you from kicking the morning people who insist on making noise before they’ve made you coffee, you’ll be glad to have it on hand. – Shop Now: $20

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Black Friday Sales