Whiskey Peaks Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass

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It’s mighty interesting to us how a time-tested spirit like whiskey can so often call to mind great adventures — maybe it’s the association with the great wide open West, or maybe it’s the fact that whiskey makes for a great sipper around a campfire at the end of the day. Whatever the fact may be, the Whiskey Peak Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass (in a handsome set of 2) makes it all the easier to enjoy your favorite spirit at the end of a long day (or the start of a great camping trip).

The unique thing about these stylish whiskey glasses, as you might have guessed, has to be the raised topographic imprint of the Grand Canyon — truly a one-of-a-kind addition to your whiskey glass collection (you only need the supply the spirits yourself now, of course). And if ever you get your hands on some Pappy Van Winkle, well, these are some fine glasses with which to enjoy it.

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