WhistlePig SmokeStock Wood Fired Whiskey

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Ask anyone who knows anything about barbecuing and they’ll tell you that if you want to be the ultimate grill master, you need to own a Traeger. There’s just something sublime about a wood pellet grill that makes everything taste better.

Now, WhistlePig has partnered with Traeger Grills for the “ultimate whiskey for the backyard bartender.” SmokeStock Wood Fired Whiskey is aged in American Oak with a No. 3 char and proofed with water that is slow-smoked with Traeger apple wood pellets. And when it comes to flavor, this whiskey doesn’t disappoint: multi-layered aromas of leather and vanilla on the nose with a creamy apple palate, yields to savory notes of barbecue and the brand’s signature Rye finish.

Price: $73

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