Wolfgang Thundertruck

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Who says thunder cannot be silently intimidating? The automotive EV visioneers at Wolfgang discovered the formula. Take one look at the Wolfgang Thundertruck and you may think you are seeing something out of a Mad Max movie. 

That’s because you’re looking at one of the most badass multi-purpose electric vehicles on the planet. Wolfgang literally says they made it for outsiders. Sometimes playing in the dirt has its perks.

Outstanding on and off-road performance only adds to the versatility of this eco-friendly adventure machine. Inspired by the Australian Outback, the Thundertruck does not give a f___ about whatever challenging terrain is in its way.

Wolfgang Thundertruck

When you are out enjoying the great outdoors, feel free to rest under the shade of the gigantic spreadable batwing awnings on top of the Thundertruck. The cherry on top is when you realize there are also solar panel awnings available, enabling you to charge the batteries the easy way.

If 4×4 isn’t enough to cut it where you need to go, you can always upgrade to a 6×6. They are available. With up to 900 kilometers, or about 559 miles of available range, you might as well take the scenic route. Every time. 

The 4×4 configurations will feature 800 horsepower with approximately 800 pound-feet of torque. The even beastlier 6×6 configurations will boast 900 horsepower with a vicious 1,200 pound-feet of torque.

Wolfgang Thundertruck

Available features include an integrated tent so you can set up camp anywhere you go. You can also elect for extendable ramps if you want to bring your bike or four-wheeler along for the safari. 

Ground clearance should not be an issue for even some of the most extreme off-road enthusiasts. The Thundertruck clears the ground by 14.48 inches. The Los Angeles-based Wolfgang certainly made an off-road monster out of an EV. That’s an impressive feat.

Will the Wolfgang Thundertruck ever see production? That is really the only remaining question at this point. If it does, there will be many eager drivers lining up to see what the hype is all about.

Wolfgang Thundertruck

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