Wolves Winter Run Whiskey

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When a great whiskey hits the market, particularly as temperatures plummet and our desire for a hearty Old Fashioned ramps up, we’re inclined to pay attention — especially if that whiskey is limited-edition, highly coveted and seriously unexpected, all at once. Such is the case with Wolves Winter Run Whiskey, and it comes courtesy of two artisans and visionaries in their own right — James Bond of Undefeated and Jon Buscemi of Buscemi. What would these two want with releasing a whiskey? Well, plenty, as it turns out. 

It’s a blend of California whiskies that take their cues from aging processes using unique ingredients like stout beer and a craft pilsner beer (seriously). The care and attention to detail they’ve put into their second limited-edition release is highly evident, as it continues to sell rapidly and please whiskey fans (and fashion fans who happen to love their whiskey) — when you can translate your passion and care for one field into another, and when the result is an incredible whiskey, we’re inclined to raise a glass to that.

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