Word. Checkerboard Notebook

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When inspiration strikes, when you’ve got a genius idea (or just a quick note to jot down), you need the right essentials at the ready. In addition to a must-have like a titanium pen, you need the right notebook to store your thoughts and your ideas … and the Word. Checkerboard Notebook is the right notebook for just that purpose. Keep it close at hand on the road (in the chest pocket of your chore coat), and keep it handy by your desk at all other times — the checkerboard pattern is distinctive and cool, ensuring you never lose track of it.

That’s what a great notebook should be, after all — a reliable companion for adventure far away and projects close to home. Better yet, the Word. Checkerboard Notebook is made in the U.S.A. and available in a handy pack of three. Plenty of opportunity awaits to make your mark, folks. 

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