Word. Jaws Notebook

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Jaws came out forty-five years ago this summer. Researchers are now pretty sure the lifespan of a great white shark is about seventy years, so if he hadn’t been exploded by a SCUBA tank, the dead-eyed apex predator might still be out there, making it unsafe for anyone in Amity Island to go in the water to this day. Celebrating the anniversary of the aquatic horror classic, Word. is offering a Jaws-inspired three-pack of their perfected notebooks. 

Each is filled with forty-eight pages of sixty-pound, ultra smooth text paper and features Word.’s bullet-point organizational system for keeping your lists and to-dos properly managed. The cover is recycled card stock and features a subtle take on the original Jaws poster — a perfect notebook for writing down all the movies you want to watch, or sketching out the notes for a blockbuster of your own.

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