Xpedition Pro XPro One

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Overland camping is fun but more importantly, it provides a getaway from it all. Sometimes that’s the perfect remedy, for others, it is a lifestyle. Either way, the Xpedition Pro XPro One is the ideal overland camper for the modern world. 

Xpedition Pro builds the XPro One based on the Iveco Daily 4×4 platform. It is available in three different wheelbases 3,400 mm, 3,480 mm, or 4,175 mm. The width is 2,300 mm while the height, including the sleeping alcove, is 3,520 mm. 

More importantly, Xpedition claims the Pro XPro One camper can provide up to 10 days of existence for up to three people without using resources. The interior is very comfortable with a full size transformable bed for two people plus the available sleeping alcove. 

Xpedition Pro XPro One

To say the Pro XPro One is packed with features would be an understatement. They thought of everything. That includes ready-to-install solar panels, a pull-out gas grill, and an awning. There is even a two-burner stove with a sink inside. The refrigerator will keep your favorite beverages cold until you reach your destination.

A double-floor hides the two separate 200 liter water tanks, one is for fresh water while the other is for gray water. The well-insulated 54 mm XPS sandwich walls are efficient in both warmer and colder climates. 

Obviously there is a shower and toilet but Xpedition Pro provides separate rooms for both amenities inside the XPro One motorhome. This is a very good idea as anyone who goes camping with multiple people knows.

The military styling makes the XPro One look like the RV from hell. It is available with your choice of a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. A 3.0L diesel engine produces approximately 180 horsepower with 317 pound-feet of torque.

From storage areas to full bottom aluminum toolboxes, you will be able to bring anything you need along for every adventure with the Xpedition Pro XPro One. There are even two 160-amp-hour lithium-ion batteries to provide you with juice in the wilderness. What more could you possibly need?

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