Yaket Ice Pack

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Two brothers stared into a cooler full of semi-chilled beers floating in melted ice and thought, “We can do better.” So began Yacket Ice. Looking similar to those scalloped ice packs that sometimes come with coolers, this ice pack goes miles beyond those in the quest to keep your beer (or soda, we suppose) cold.

To start with, it’s big. 3 pounds heavy and 5 inches tall. Tall enough to reach the tops of cans and the shoulders of bottles, with enough mass to maintain its freeze. The cooling gel is top-grade and freezes down to 5ºF (standard ice packs only go down to 32ºF). But the kicker (in our opinion) is the Ice Band — a high tear strength silicone band that holds cans firmly up against the ice pack for super cold beers that stay cold. Looks like these brothers did, in fact, do better.

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