Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon

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You’re potentially well-accustomed to the spirits selection at your favorite local bar, but unless you’re down south, you might not have heard of Yellow Rose and the distillery’s Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey — that all changes to today. We think the name is fitting (and we’re sure the distillery would agree), given the pioneering spirit of this whiskey and the unique, handcrafted processes used in delivering it from distillery to bottle to your hometown bar.

It starts with the use of all-Texas yellow corn, a unique ingredient that, as the distillery says, makes the whiskey “extremely rare and valuable to us.” We think that’s the kind of difference you can certainly taste — it’s billed as having an extremely rich palate, with a finish akin to that of a “good dessert.”‘ To us, that sounds like potentially the perfect whiskey.

If ever you happen to be down near Houston — and especially if you live there — look these guys up. You won’t regret it once you take that first sip. – Learn More

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Black Friday Sales