Yema LED Kavinsky Limited Edition Watch

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The French know a thing or two about style. Whether on the catwalk or in the alleyway, French style is an iconic leader of world fashion. And while you may be familiar with brands like Lacoste and Saint Laurent, there’s a French watch brand that you really need to get to know. 

YEMA is a watchmaker that’s been leading the field with its unique combination of hard-wearing durability and impeccable style since 1948. Their first LED watch, released in the 70’s, ushered in a new wave of watch-wearing style across Europe (and eventually the United States, but we’re a little slow to pick up on French fashion cues).

Yema LED Kavinsky Limited Edition Watch

And because what’s old is new and cool again, YEMA is pairing with French DJ and electronic music producer Kavinsky to bring back the coolest, most retro-futuristic watch you’ve ever seen. It’s launching on March 18th, so bookmark this page if you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these limited edition pieces with aesthetics straight from the sci-fi dreams of the 80’s.

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