Yeti Imperial Stout

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If you reserve your stout drinking for cold weather, we’d like to suggest, gently, that you’re doing it wrong. The meats you’ve spent hours smoking or grilling deserve a rich, smoky stout to complement them. May we suggest Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing Company?

There’s a Yeti Imperial Stout tailored to hit the notes of every season, offering oak aged chocolate and vanilla stouts as well as a chai yeti and barrel aged yeti in limited release throughout the year. But you need not track down the seasonal edition to enjoy a Yeti Imperial Stout year-round. The original is on shelves every day of the year and comes in 22 oz, 12 oz 4-packs, and 15.5 gal or 5 gal kegs. Since its release, it has received the Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal twice, in 2005 and 2009, as well as the Bronze in 2008.

It’s a Russian Imperial Stout, and it acts like one — the flavor is big, it’s loaded with dark malts, and it pours out black and heady. Yeti makes a notable turn, though, with the rich mocha notes quickly making way for a surprising amount of hops. Surprising, but not overpowering — they make the perfect complement to the roasted malts. Yeti pairs up with a steak grilled under the summer sun just as well as root vegetables roasted inside in the winter.

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