Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

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When you’re all done evolving, changing, doing new things, it’s time to give up and let the glow of the TV wash you to sleep. Luckily, Yeti is a brand that’s far from giving up. They’ve taken one of their best-loved coolers (the Yeti Roadie 20) and changed it up, gave it new features, and evolved it into a cooler that incorporates the lessons and experiences from a well-lived past. The Roadie 24 Hard Cooler, as its name suggests, is built for taking on the road with you, keeping your drinks cold and your food fresh for days, and doing it again and again for years down the line. 

It’s small enough to carry easily but spacious enough to hold up to twenty-four pounds of ice or eighteen beers (with a two-to-one ice-to-can ratio). For road trips, the shape and size is perfect for stashing behind the front seat and the one-handed latch means you can reach back for another can of iced java whenever the inspiration hits.

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