YETI V Series Stainless Steel Cooler

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If you already own one of YETI’s Rambler mugs, you’ve likely been impressed by the near-magical way they keep your coffee rocket hot for seemingly ever. Now YETI has taken that vacuum-insulated technology and applied it to a cooler. Like their Tundra coolers, the YETI V Series is tough as nails, but instead of the two-inches of foam insulating your cold ones, it’s nothing but… nothing maintaining the temp. Vacuum insulation is one of the best insulators around, using a chamber nearly devoid of air to give hot and cold temps nowhere to transfer so your stuff stays the same temp longer.

The cooler itself is wrapped in kitchen-grade stainless steel which not only gives it a cool mid-century look, the Series V will only get better looking as each ding and scuff tells the tale of your outdoor adventures. Just remember to lift with your knees — the cooler itself weighs 35 pounds and it can hold up to 65 pounds of ice.


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